Argentine Tango


bigstock-Pair-of-dancers-isolated-on-th-43297993_590pxArgentine Tango was born in Buenos Aires and is a raw and authentic dance which, like many Latin dances, explores and tests the relationship between man and woman. In Tango the man and woman are equal and with the movements weaving contact and separation, the dance suggests that either partner may be seduced. In Europe, we have translated the original Argentine Tango into the Ballroom Tango.

We run regular BEGINNERS COURSES throughout the year, call me for more details , don’t worry have a really BASIC FORMAT to start with & it is easy to pick up & ENJOY……. how about getting a GROUP of like minded people together find a hall give us a call AND WE WILL COME TO YOU…..

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Due to start in all through 2017 & 2018. ( a 6 WEEK COURSE ) call for details

A brand NEW ARGENTINE TANGO beginners class in “basics”  

don’t worry we will make it EASY to PICK UP and dance , we have lots of FUN in the process !!! and we absolutely LOVE this you will TOO ……….. 

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