From Your First Step

You’ll find helpful people qualified to teach you all forms of dancing. You can select the dances you want to learn. We can teach you from your first step right up to the most stylish expressions of dance that will bring you a new found freedom and interest. You may even wish to take part in our IDTA medal test scheme to prove just how good at dancing you’ve become. Whatever your age you’ll always find something new in dance.

If you’ve never danced before we’ll be pleased to show you how. Or maybe you’d like to be able to dance better, feel better or just learn how to stop treading on your partner’s toes. Perhaps you’ve never danced the Tango. We can show you how. The Foxtrot, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Paso Doble, Rumba AND MANY MORE.

Why not check out our classes or get in touch.

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