“Strictly Latino Fitness”

“Strictly Latino Fitness”

What is this ?

Strictly Latino Fitness is a fab , fun Latino Dance Fitness exercise class

what music & DANCES do we keep fit & STAY fit too ?

Cha Cha , Samba , Merengue, Mambo , Charleston, Tango , Argentine tango, Foxtrot , Waltz , Disco Hustle , Jive  and many more

Where & When ?

Monday & Thursday 10am :

WI Hall Great Ayton

Thursday evening 6.30 – 7.30pm

                    St Augustine Church Hall ,

Kirby -in- Cleveland TS9 7AQ

Friday 9.30am Kirklevington Village Hall, Forest Lane, Kirklevington, TS15 9LX

Choose any and drop in & give a GO GO & before you know you will be dancing Latino O

Strictly DANCE Infusion

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